Thursday, April 5, 2012

Indy Motor Speedway

This trip has only taken me to five cities in the Midwest and I already have a favorite! By far at this point I've enjoyed Indianapolis the best! We had a great morning checking out the Lucas Oil Stadium, the convention center which is right where the zip line ride was during the Superbowl, a local bakery that had the most amazing donuts and of course the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Upon arriving at the speedway on Tuesday we didn't waste anytime getting onto the track to kiss the infamous "Yard of Bricks." It's how the locals gave it the nickname of the "Brickyard." I guess we were there just a day early because yesterday they did the Indy 500 trials with all of the cars - Oh well next time! Our tour guides at the track said that if we've never been to the 500 we all better put it on our bucket list because it is a once and a lifetime experience to see those cars going around the track at speeds over 220 mph. Good news is I know a ticket guy and could probably get a good deal! ( )
Here are some pictures...
Rookie mistake... didn't take my sunglasses with me off of the bus! But I'm still so excited to get on the track!
Drivers! Start your engines!!
Solo shot on the Yard of Bricks
Michael, Me and Kate on the Yard of Bricks


  1. Cool, Courtney. By all means keep sunglasses handy. Good news about finding good donuts.