Monday, April 16, 2012


I got a little break from the bus in Reno and flew to Seattle Friday night. The bus dropped me off a few hours before my flight but it was nice to get some work done with uninterrupted internet. I didn't get into Seattle until 10ish Friday night since I had a layover in SLC but it was definitely worth it, so nice to get into a hotel room knowing that I would be staying more than one or two nights. I actually got to stay three whole nights in Seattle!

I woke up Saturday morning with the sun pouring into my hotel room and I almost forgot where I was! Stefania's cousin Anna and her husband Ron live in Seattle so we made plans to spend the day together. I got a little work done in the morning (blogs and pictures for U.S. Travel) then Anna came and picked me up. It was so nice having a friend in a city that I had never been too. And Anna was a fabulous host, first thing we did was some shopping. I was so happy - nothing like a little retail therapy! Then we began our tour of downtown Seattle. It is such a neat city because it has so much to offer; beautiful parks with lush greenery, the water which was crowded with sail boats and ferries and of course the famous fish market. We walked around a little checking out all the cute little local stores, the weather was amazing literally 60s and sunny! Never thought that type of weather even existed in Seattle but I was pleasantly surprised.

I was dying to try some seafood so Anna took me to Seatown Seabar & Rotisserie. I enjoyed myself a nice glass of well deserved white wine and Anna had a local Seattle beer. The cool thing about Seattle is that most restaurants incorporate local food in their menus one way or another, that's why it all tastes so fresh. Since we were having an early dinner we stuck with a couple of appetizers. Check out the menu for yourself but we ended up getting a dozen oysters that were a mix of Penn Cove, Kusshi and Deep Bay (my favorite were the Penn Cove) then we had some dungeness crab on top of a seaweed salad with cucumbers that was absolutely delicious oh and we had some pickled veggies :) Anna and I had a good time reminiscing about Justin & Stefania's wedding while people watching all that Seattle has to offer. It was a lot of fun and we had a lot of good laughs, something that I needed desperately after a long hectic week at work.

Don't worry we didn't spoil our dinner, Anna took me around to a few more pocket neighborhoods and then we ended at Madison Park Conservatory where we had another amazing meal. Anna and Ron know the owner and head chef, Cormac Mahoney, so when we arrived we had samplings of almost every appetizer off the menu. We also had a bottle of local red wine waiting for us at the table with fresh bread and local butter. I am telling you I have never tasted such amazing bread and butter before.

The food at Madison Park is unlike any other, the oysters are fresh, the pasta with east coast squid was spicy but delicious and of course you know me, I got the lamb which was wicked good. To say the least I left as a very full and happy camper. I thought our night was done but Anna wanted to swing by her friends' home downtown by the water. We went to this super chic condo that has 180 degree views of Seattle, including the Space Needle. Actually from their dining room table you can look straight out and see the Space Needle, can you imagine that view every night? It was pretty cool. I had such a nice time just relaxing and not having to check my phone for emails. I was really glad everything worked out with meeting Anna and Ron (Thank you Stefania and Antonella!)

Sunday was another chill down day but I just stayed around the hotel and caught up on work and my personal blogs as you can tell. And I may or may not have gone back to that mall :/ I look at it as supporting the local economy, just doing my part. I also took advantage of my free time and organized my bags because I leave the bus Friday night and don't meet it again until on the East Coast in May. Pictures below from my adventures in Seattle!
Down on the wharf in Seattle, checking out all of the fresh fish =)

Anna made me hop on the famous "pig" supposedly all the tourists have to!
Anna and I outside Seatown.
Ron and I at Madison Park Conservatory.
My amazing meal - lamb, fava/garbanzo beans and a yogurt dressing. YUM
View of downtown from the condo.

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