Sunday, April 15, 2012


The drive to Reno was pretty rough in terms of internet access and cell phone service, on top of that we were all completely exhausted and had a 7-8 hour drive ahead of us. Roy said that we weren't even on the bus for an hour and he turned around and I was just passed out. (I fall asleep very easily but I think the 4:30 wake up call did me in). I managed to take a quick cat nap and then get some work done. We also got some satellite tv back and I got to watch my B's beat the Caps while plugging away on my computer.

So one of my favorite things on this trip is definitely seeing the landscapes of America. They have all been so different but so beautiful at the same time. From time to time I will hop up in the cockpit with Roy and Jimmy and just chit chat and take pictures of our drive. I've seen so many different places I don't want to forget them! My Christmas present from Mom and Bill has really come in handy I haven't put down my safari camera since I got here!

Since we didn't have an event in Reno/Lake Tahoe this blog isn't too exciting but we did get to see SNOW! I know ... I forgot how cold it has to be for it to snow and to be honest I was getting used to the sunny and 60s weather. The snow was heaviest on our way to Lake Tahoe Friday morning, so much so that we couldn't make it all the way up to the lake because we didn't have chains on our tires. And I DID NOT want to test our tired and neither did Jimmy or Roy! After we came back down from Lake Tahoe we quickly toured through Reno and then I headed to the airport for my flight to Seattle. (I skipped ahead of the 800 mile trek to Seattle to a) Keep my sanity b) recharge my batteries) Snow pictures below =)

On the road to RENO!
Beautiful lake on the way to Reno.
"Searching" This doesn't help me!
Another beautiful view, how gorgeous is this?
Lake Tahoe in a snow storm.
Vote Travel bus in its first snow storm.
Driving up alongside the lake.
My first snow storm of Lake Tahoe =)

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