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Sorry it's been a week since I've updated my blog, the weekdays just get away from me with so much work. So I'm backtracking a little bit but I don't want to skip a city, since they are all so cool. So after Denver we headed to Salt Lake City, on the way we stayed in Rock Springs, WY which is a coal mining town and host to every fast food chain there is. Don't worry I was good and didn't break my lenten promise of no fast food, instead I had a little Lean Cuisine frozen pizza and called it a night. I think my wallet is thanking me for giving it a much needed rest!

We had an early start Easter morning but of course not before I had my breakfast at the hotel and found Easter eggs on my table filled with candy. It's the little things on this trip that make me happy :) We worked on the drive to SLC preparing for our Meet & Greet the next morning and the time passed pretty quickly. Before I knew it we were pulling into this beautiful UTAH Welcome Center that had amazing canyons behind it. Don't worry I snapped some shots and they are all below.

Jimmy (our bus driver) never steers us wrong and we made it to SLC in wicked good time. Since we were all starving and it was a holiday we decided to treat ourselves to a nice little Easter Sunday lunch at Olive Garden. The food was great and it was nice to take a step back from this busy trip and just relax for a little. After lunch Allie and I walked around SLC for a little and checked out Temple Square, City Creek (the new amazing shopping center which was completely closed) and some of the gardens downtown. SLC is extremely clean and well kept, we asked locals how they keep it so clean and they said so much time and money goes into the Public Works Department - it definitely shows! After doing a trial run of setting up the PA system for the event in the morning and putting together "swag bags" we all called it a day and crashed.

Monday morning rolled around too quickly, I probably could've slept in a few more hours but the good news is that once our events get started we are all so busy working that we don't really have time to think about how tired we are. On this trip I have learned to just take everything one day at a time or else it can be a bit overwhelming, it's been a ton of fun but also a ton of work.

SLC went especially well, we had the largest crowd thus far including 3 of the 4 local tv stations! Even the Lt. Gov. came out to our event and signed the pledge as he sported some nifty neon orange Visit Utah sunglasses. We had great hosts from Visit Utah and Visit Salt Lake who took us on a rolling tour of the city. For all of you contemplating a trip to SLC I think it should be a definite! Especially since they are finishing up a light rail line that will run right from the airport to downtown! If you don't ski no problem - SLC has tons of shopping, they have the Utah Jazz right downtown and great little restaurants. Ok now for the all the pictures!

Easter Breakfast...Rock Springs, WY! (I was too hungry to remember to take the picture of my food)

Me in Utah!

The views of the mountains, getting close to SLC!

Right when we got to SLC I hopped off the bus and tried to catch some rays =)
City Creek outdoor shopping center.
Of course I had to take a picture in front of the Boston Building!
Grand America Hotel
Morning of our event, the bus looks great in front of the State Capitol building!
Setting up for our big event in SLC.
Swag Bag table, thanks to C.A. I think I learned at a young age the meaning of an assembly line.
Press... CHECK!
Lt. Gov. Greg Bell in his Visit Utah shades. He made some great points about visiting SLC and all of Utah and he even signed our Vote Travel pledge!
Jimmy and I sporting our new Visit Utah shades!

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