Sunday, April 15, 2012


As I mentioned earlier, I was preparing myself for the early wake up call Thursday morning but nothing was worse than going to work in the dark! I managed to get up on time (4:30am) and make myself a bagel with peanut butter in my room before I headed out the door - don't know how I did it! The boys were all on the bus waiting for me, god only knows what time they all got up. So we pulled into the Cashman Convention Center with t-minus 1 hour and 30 min. till guests arrived... we had lots to do!

Luckily there were plenty of people there all ready to get to work and help set up. We had a photo booth to set up, swag table, the PA system and for me most importantly I had to find internet access. I live tweeted for @USTravel during the event, a little stressful but it was wicked fun and helped me improve my skills a bit. The rally went off without a hitch and everyone had a really great time, although it was 7 in the morning (can you tell I'm not a morning person?!)

We had the President & CEO of U.S. Travel, Roger Dow, make remarks and get the crowed all pumped up for the travel and tourism industry. We also had three other guest speakers. The event was covered by three major tv network affiliates and a Vegas newspaper. We were really pleased with the turnout and glad everyone enjoyed themselves. Valley High School marching band also attended the event and got the crowd going. When all was said and done it was only 10:30am and none of us could believe it! OH! I forgot to mention we also had real Vegas showgirls at the rally to take pictures with everyone.

After the event the showgirls and some of my U.S. Travel co-workers boarded the bus and headed to the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign to take some pictures. After that the boys and I grabbed a quick lunch at In n' Out Burger (it was pretty good!) and then headed to Reno/Lake Tahoe. I have lots and lots of pictures from the event but here are just a few!

Setting up bright and early inside the Cashman Convention Center.
Jimmy posing with one of our campaign signs.
Jimmy and his showgirl =)
Valley High Marching Band lead the Vote Travel bus out of the convention center.
Roger Dow, President & CEO U.S. Travel Association
Group shot!
Playing tourista in Vegas!
Our show girls~
Nothing says Vegas like feather headpieces!
The Vote Travel bus pulling in!

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