Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's Go Surfin' Now! Adventures in Cali!

Me in front of the Doubletree Marina in Berkeley, CA.
Well as most of you know I am already back in DC for a short stint but I feel so guilty not completing the first leg of my trip on this blog.  So I am going to give a short description of San Fran, San Diego and Palm Springs and then of course show you all lots of pictures!

San Francisco - We got to San Fran late afternoon last Monday, we actually stayed in Berkeley, CA.  This was one of my favorite locations because it reminded me so much of the Cape.  The marina and hotel especially reminded me of Downtown Falmouth, where the Flying Bridge and Island Queen are, except of course it was Cali and much nicer weather.  My hotel room was really nice and I had a lovely little was an extremely refreshing change of pace.  Our event was Tuesday morning in front of SF City Hall and it went really well.  I definitely did not have enough time in SF and will need to make a trip back out West sooner than later!
Looking out over my balcony!
Pretty sail boats, way way in the distance is the Golden Gate.  (view from my balcony)
Loved this room, I felt spoiled!
Sweet Dreams!

One of my happiest moments on the trip, finally getting to visit the Golden Gate Bridge.

Picture taken from the Vote Travel bus of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Looking down below at Sausalito!

Our drive to San Diego was nice once we reached the coast and could see the Pacific Ocean and all of the beautiful beaches.  We had an evening event in San Diego at Petco Park for the Padres game.  Our event went off without a hitch!  We had some time to spare (which never happens) and we got to go into the ballpark for a little of the game.  Then it was back on the road en route to Palm Springs for an early morning event.


Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres!  Awesome field with a dog park, mini baseball field for children and the most amazing pulled pork sandwiches =)

Palm Springs - My trip to Palm Springs was quick!  But I did get to experience some of that desert heat.  The morning of our event we experienced record temps -it was about 100 degrees by 10:30 AM!!  Our event had a great turnout, we met with lots of influential leaders in the Palm Springs community and everyone was happy to have us in their city.  Win-Win for all =)  As soon as the event ended, Michael and I took our bags off the bus and got a rental car to drive to LA.  Big Blue had to get serviced in Palm Springs and it was a good thing we didn't stay with the bus because it go serviced for 6 hours!  I had a red eye flight at 11 PM out of LAX which I got to at about 2 PM.  I found a hotel by LAX that gave day passes for their gym and restaurants and I just killed time.  I can't even begin to explain how badly I just crashed on my flight from LAX to Charlotte.  I got to Charlotte at 6:30AM ET and boarded my quick 1 hr flight to DCA at about 7:20AM.  I wasn't the most pleasant person to be around but I am thankful I made it home safe and sound!  I got home and was greeted by Kristen's not so little puppy, Murray, of course I had to dress him in a Vote Travel shirt! Pictures below =)

I am in DC for two weeks and then I leave again on Tuesday, May 8th then I am off to Philly, Boston, NYC, Pitt and then a few NC/SC stops and I will end in FL.  All and all I will be off the bus until further notice on May 22nd!

Driving to our event in Palm Springs!
Taking my bags off the bus...I may or may not have overpacked!

Murray modeling our Vote Travel shirts!

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